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Showroom - Nepalese Handloom Silk

Nepalese Handloom silk is a manufacturer, exporter and retailer since 1985. Our showroom is at Thamel tourist hub center. The shawls we manufacture are a product of quality consciousness and dedicated workmanship. We employ mostly experienced women for this very intricate art of hand-skill, together with our profound supervision in every step of processing. We are committed to provide full satisfaction to our customers.

You will find our products irresistible whether for personal use or for business purpose. It makes a perfect gift for someone you really care for. We have the experience of over 30 years in this field.

Pashmina Introduction

Pashmina is derived from the finest wool of high mountain Capra Hircus goats. The wool is collected from the goats, once a year, without being harmed the goats in the process of shedding the wool. “Pasham”- the Pashmina Shawl finest wool known as Pashmina, lies at the bottom of course wool, comes about 5% of total wool shed from the live goats. It is the softest wool found in the living being of high snowy Himalayas. The main properties of Pashmina are it’s exotically super warmth, shine and silky texture.

There is a difference between Cashmere wool and Pashmina, as the former has normally 16-18 microns thick, whereas the thickness of Pashmina hair is only 12-14 microns. This makes a lot of difference in softness and warmthness.

Process of making Pashmina

The process of making Pashmina garments (products) involves a lot of hard work. The wool produced is carded by hand and spun into very fine yarn by traditional methods using a hand-spinner. Thereafter, it is hand-woven in traditional pit looms. It takes our craftsmen about nine to ten days (spinning to finish) to weave and finish a single shawl ready for the Show room.

At present we manufacture the shawls up to 50 inches (125 cm.) width for more than 600 wide ranges of shades. Our end product can be embroidered, silk fringed or in plain design. The sizes and colors can be custom-made, provided they are in feasible quantities.

Generally, Pashmina is woven on a wrap of silk that adds strength and shine. Silk and Pashmina can be combined in any proportion, however, 80% Pashmina and 20% silk are regarded the ideal combination for strength and shine. 100% Pashmina items are also preferred by many.

Manufacturer & Exporter of Silk, Pashmina Shawl, Stole, Scarf etc.

Member of Handicraft Association of Nepal